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The HVS Pro? is a pre-fabricated foldable structure that is rapidly deployable, expandable, and can be easily stacked for economical shipping and storage. 




KTCOK Enterprises, LP takes great pride in our select products. We are constantly searching for rising entrepreneurs with marketable products that we can launch into the National and International market.


Ultimate Lock

The Ultimate Lock is a revolutionary lock system that combines the traditional lock and deadbolt with an innovative locking system giving you peace of mind that your home or business is safe and secure.



MAK Guard Locking System

The MAK Guard locking system is a necesity for today's transportation and storage industry. In the U.S., a container is broken into every 15 seconds! can you afford NOT to have the best build locking system available? With MAK Guard - thieves will have to find someone else to victimize.  




This weighted suit allows you to functionally train for your respective sport and greatly enhance the development of game breaking speed, power and quickness.


Bottled Water

KTCOK Consultants, LLC has distribution rights to a quality water company. This water company provides several options to personalize a water for your company/event. Custom Logos, sizes, and shapes for every need.


Power Caps

PowerCaps are an innovative new product on the market that can accompany any bottled water. Power Caps can be tailored to your own nutrient and flavor combinations giving you a customized one-of-a-kind product that is easy to market and always in demand.


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The Pro Power Suit is the next generation in advanced sports and fitness. This weighted suit allows you to functionally train for your respective sport and greatly enhance the development of game breaking speed, power and quickness. The unique design was immediately apparent to trainers, sports figures, and those involved in sports medicine making the Pro Power Suit a market leader.


Each pocket contains a 1-pound weight, made out of a patented flexible rubber that conforms to the shape of your body. With ten pockets that hold the weights in place and with each pocket supporting up to 3 weights, the capacity of the suit can be adjusted for up to 30 pounds.


By performing normal activities and workouts at full speed in the GAMEBREAKERS Pro Power Suit, your every movement is becoming more powerful and explosive.

Upon removal of the suit, your muscles will fire as powerful and explosive.



 After regular training with the POWERSUIT Pro, your muscles will fire as if the additional weight is still present, greatly enhancing your athletic performance and helping to develop muscle memory, increase stamina, build endurance, increase explosive reaction, improve tone & posture and burn unwanted fat from the core out.

So, If you need the cutting edge in sports and fitness training, physical health, or medical rehabilitation the GAMEBREAKERS Pro Power Suit is for you.


Get the GAMEBREAKER Pro Power Suit for an overall well-being for both athletes as well as the everyday individual


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